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At John Hancock Retirement Plan Services we understand what plan sponsors need and are focused on. Every member of our team understands what it will take to make your plan successful. We are committed to administrative excellence and to bringing you the very best in retirement plan solutions.

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The content of this website is for general information only and is believed to be accurate and reliable as of posting date but may be subject to change. John Hancock does not provide investment, tax, plan design or legal advice. Please consult your own independent advisor as to any investment, tax, or legal statements made herein.

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, LLC offers administrative or recordkeeping services to sponsors and administrators of retirement plans, as well as a platform of investment alternatives that is made available without regard to the individualized needs of any plan. Unless otherwise specifically stated in writing, John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, LLC does not, and is not undertaking to, provide impartial investment advice or give advice in a fiduciary capacity. John Hancock Trust Company LLC provides trust and custodial services to such plans.
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